10 Best Sex Adult Board Games

There are various adult board games available that can intrigue and thrill couples when playing games together. Board games aren’t just for youngsters. Adult Business Consulting is here to help you investigate some of the top adult sex board games available and provide you with a detailed analysis of why they are so highly regarded. The ten we list will stimulate your libido and your desire for sexual activity.


Awarded board game Monogamy allows couples to explore their relationships and much more. Candles can be lit, a drink of wine can be served, and fantastic new connections can be made by couples. There are more than 400 tasks and questions to explore, his and her questions, and levels to advance through. Couples have praised it as one that can result in a warm and passionate night. Monogamy is a board game to play with friends since it depicts the entire adult relationship.

Here is an assessment of the game: https://whatsgoodtodo.com/monogamy-board-game-review/

Lust: The Passion Game for Two

A card game called Lust by Keeper Games is designed for couples. It enables them to discuss and act on many aspects of their relationships. The specific love-making cards feature different sexual positions or acts of foreplay. The game allows players to develop their sexual fantasies, and the ultimate objective is to get to the “bed,” where the winner utilizes the cards on their partner according to the studied scenarios. For couples who want to have greater imaginations together in the bedroom, this takes it to new heights.


The board game Nooki has been around for more than 20 years and is perfect for fun couples. Couples can begin playing right away with the sets of cards that are labeled aah, ooh and mmm. Plus, blindfolds and dice. There are also more humorous and enjoyable cards included in the game. The couple engages in action on their partner while using the dice and the cards to depict role-playing scenarios. It’s simple to learn and quite intimate to play this amusing and sexy game with your significant other. The physical interactions with Nooki are short and fun with simply cards and dice.

Sexopoly: Not Your Average Monopoly

Sexopoly is a unique variation on the popular board game Monopoly that takes a very mature approach to it. To generate money in the adult industries, players might get together with their lover or other close friends and roll the dice. The game has risky and racy cards that could involve stripping and making the participants feel much more at ease with one another. There are 100 risky or frisky questions on it, along with other trivia questions, and the standard playing board. Couples can enjoy playing Sexopoly because it is more of a party game than an intimacy board game.

Family Affair

Family Affair gives couples an enticing approach to kiss each other as well as the opportunity to pursue naughty relationships. Couples can explore a range of potential affairs together thanks to the dream affair cards. This is a fantastic approach to investigate fantasies that may not have been previously appreciated. The inventive kiss cards have instructions on how to kiss your partner’s eyelashes, beg for a kiss, and more. Together, by discussing these intensely private impulses for an affair, partners can improve communication and find new methods to strengthen their bonds.

Spice It Up

Spice It Up can surely meet the needs of couples looking for strategies to liven up their relationships. In this game, couples can look through more than 150 pure-heat cards that come in three different intensities. Couples will get to know one another through the game as they develop their trust and awareness. Simple inquiries are easy to start with, and the levels’ and cards’ spiciness just intensifies the mood and wants associated with sensuality. The new pleasure zones that the cards have created can be carried over to the bedroom and immediately boost sexual activity there.

Pleasure Island

Pleasure Island is a board game for adults that takes place on a tropical island. Pleasure chest cards are selected as tokens land on different squares, and the card recipient is required to carry out the tasks indicated on the card. The game that takes place on the island is wonderful because it is an exciting card game that features card drawing and winning on the “X.” Couples can jet off, indulge in dreams, strengthen their bond, and have fun playing this game with Pleasure Island and a few glasses of wine in hand.

Discover Your Lover

Discover Your Lover is a game that is based on enhancing attractions through transparent communication. Couples are put to the test and asked questions about their relationships through tasks and questions. The inquiries focus on their partner’s sexuality and desires, which further deepens their understanding of the other partner’s needs and aspirations in this area. With this game’s more than 240 question and task cards, the possibilities are unlimited. The partner can ultimately take control in the bedroom by fulfilling their deepest need.

Foreplay In a Row

Foreplay In a Row is the ideal option for couples looking to develop their foreplay while playing a straightforward adult board game. There are many seduction and romance elements to build upon, giving it a simple four-type vibe. It is a game that can be started quickly. The winner gets to experiment with inventive foreplay and demonstrate gameplay to their companion. There are countless possible combinations in which couples can succeed. The obvious objective of Foreplay in a Row is to achieve the fantasy reward of prolonged foreplay. It is also the most entertaining adult board game available right now.

The Bedroom Game

The six categories in The Bedroom Game can be explored with partners. The game includes the sex and position category at the end and offers numerous levels of anticipation to build on. Couples can enhance the intensity of their interactions and the depth of their wants as they play by building on the different card levels. The examination of the categories is more important than eroticism in The Bedroom Game. The climax is the best and last portion, and the phases of rewards fuel the romance right up until the very end.

We hope Adult Business Consulting has provided you with 10 unique board games to play in the privacy of your own bedroom. We are aware that board games are enjoyed by adults and that playing them together in bed would only heighten their chemistry.

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