Adult Entertainment’s Future in the Metaverse

Technology has always been at the forefront of adult entertainment. Samantha Cole, a well-known reporter for Vice News and the author of the recent book “How Sex Changed the Internet,” continues to hold the view that the internet was designed for sex and pornography. Because adult tube sites, webcam service providers, and production businesses saw the internet as the new frontier for content distribution and user-to-user contact, that statement is accurate. The development of integrated distant sexual activities and fully interactive and integrative porn sites is one aspect of adult entertainment that unites it across the industry’s many legal, political, and general commercial situations. Adult Business Consulting is looking forward to sharing more about adult and the metaverse with you in this post.

An Environment That Is Always Changing

The internet of things and the field of teledildonics, for example, can be further incorporated into just about everything that is connected to the web, according to Michael McGrady, the renowned adult entertainment industry journalist, in a piece for Future of Sex. There are many things to consider when thinking about the future of virtual reality and augmented reality in the field of adult entertainment as the metaverse concept continues to develop. Moving forward, there are many things to think about.

Adult Business Consulting has already written about virtual reality porn sites and their affiliate schemes. The prospects for VR and AR in the future have already been mentioned. The Adult Business Consulting team will now talk about the metaverse in general and the rising popularity of VR cam sites in this new blog post. Popular camming websites are now offering virtual reality integration services for all primary and auxiliary virtual reality headsets and technology, which makes this noteworthy.

Adult Industry Projects in Non-Virtual Reality in the Metaverse

Frontiers in adult entertainment are exploiting the socialization of metaverse technology apart from the usage of headsets and hardware. Early in 2022, the adult industry futurists at Pleasure Network made headlines by announcing the creation of Pleasureland.

This project, which is still in primary beta testing, is a blockchain virtual world that integrates high-end decentralized technology and exclusive NFTs to give users the ability to own distinctive digital assets while engaging in online sexual activity. It’s nothing new. Since a few years ago, mainstream developers have begun developing games using Ethereum protocols. But what sets Pleasureland apart is its emphasis on the growth of these kinds of virtual communities and worlds in a “sex-positive environment.” The project’s promoters, Pleasure Network, stated, “Our vision is to build a safe place for adult performers and sex-positive workers to interact with fans, voyeurs, pleasure seekers, and everything in between (the sheets).” Pleasureland offers a safe and secure environment and may be launched in a browser.

Platforms in the metaverse like Pleasureland operate using tokens like the xxxNifty coin. Another rapidly expanding area of adult entertainment is cryptocurrency. Tokens are being introduced by an increasing number of businesses and platforms to support not-safe-for-work NFT creative sales or to simply offer a safe method of payment outside of traditional and fiat banking institutions. Soon, expect to see more virtual worlds and XXX gaming built on blockchain protocols, along with the incorporation of smart sex gadgets and virtual reality headsets for an advanced and fully-fledged online sexual experience.

Augmented Reality Holograms

The advancement of augmented reality and holograms via mobile devices is another idea to take into account. One such site is, an Android app that enables users to transform their phone’s cameras into holograms of beautiful men and women engaging in illicit behavior. Although an augmented reality mobile app is not particularly proprietary, this is one of the first of its sort to be widely publicized and beta-tested in the adult content industry.

The app turns a smartphone’s camera into a hologram of a certain model, giving users access to a provocative and sensuous presentation that is personalized for them. You can view a wide variety of augmented reality pornography made by genuine performers and developers without a headset. Some social media tools provide models the option to interact with their followers and converse with them, which helps to further engage fans. The idea behind, according to a news article about the company’s concept published by, is to offer an augmented reality OnlyFans experience with significant payments and returns for adult authors.

VR Cam Sites

Adult virtual reality cams are gradually taking over as the most popular way to watch live shows with VR cam girls. These webcams transport you into a virtual reality porn setting and provide an interactive experience inside the model’s house. This is made feasible by developments in technology.

At least, that serves as the segment’s conceptual foundation for virtual reality. For instance, virtual reality porn websites are excellent illustrations of how this functions. Virtual reality camming, however, goes one step further.

Numerous well-known cam sites that integrate with popular VR headsets and other technology to enhance the experience are also offering virtual reality choices. One intriguing aspect of the virtual reality cam sites portion of the expanding VR adult content industry is that it serves as a technological harbinger, prefiguring all related innovations in traditional and mainstream businesses. Companies like Zoom and Microsoft could easily embrace websites like‘s (described in more detail below) live stream VR cam technology for business and collaboration.

Examples of VR Cam Sites

Virtual reality cam sites are outstanding examples of how businesses in the adult industry have adapted to the metaverse. We have compiled a list of some of the most intriguing participants in the adult VR camming market to help illustrate our case study.

This website features a huge variety of virtual reality cam models with all kinds of various fetishes. Users at can watch live streaming content using a virtual reality headset and VR controllers, like a VR porn site. The ability to use smart sex tech devices and headsets to connect to the visual information in front of the user’s eyes makes even more distinctive. Indicative of the growth of distant sex and the metaverse, this results in a totally immersive encounter.

Stripchat VR

Stripchat is a very well-known porn webcam website. We’ve written a lot about Stripchat, highlighting the site’s lucrative affiliate network and white-label traffic marketing business. However, Stripchat’s technology has expanded to allow the broadcasting of virtual reality to live cam sessions via popular VR headsets and the related gear, which is a fantastic feature. Through live performances, Stripchat’s virtual reality experiences deliver realism. The virtual reality live-camming experience, like the others on this list, aims to offer the most lifelike and immersive experience. Stripchat has consistently been at the forefront of cam technology.


One of the first and most advanced virtual reality adult cam platforms is Dreamcam. The creation of Dreamcam’s exoskeletal platform, which enables futuristic sex in the metaverse, is one of its distinctive features. This platform completely integrates with Dreamcam and the virtual reality headsets compatible with the website, as well as an augmentation of a user’s physical capabilities during sex. The haptic devices and other VR hardware are compatible with Dreamcam.

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