An Introduction to Email Marketing in Adult

For businesses in the adult entertainment sector attempting to promote new videos, models, fan sites, games, and content that interact with consensual and commercial sex, email marketing is a crucial component of their entire marketing strategy. In this new blog post, Adult Business Consulting will go over the value of email marketing in the adult entertainment sector. We’ll discuss some key pointers, insider secrets, and the best adult email marketing systems.

Email marketing: What is it?

What exactly is email marketing? How is email marketing carried out? What’s the purpose? Email marketing, as defined by us, is a type of direct marketing that involves email communication with a target audience. A common goal of email marketing is to improve brand awareness, promote a specific product or service, or foster relationships with both current and new customers.

An existing audience can be customized, targeted, and segmented in a typical email marketing campaign. These variables are frequently based on traits including, but not limited to, region, any brand interactions, consumer interests, and behavior. With the help of promotional content, event invitations, surveys, newsletters, and other sorts of marketing that lead to a purchase, email marketers can tailor the recipient’s experience for them.

The effectiveness of an email campaign depends on careful planning, creating concise messages and subject lines, creating interesting content and language, and including a clear call to action. For results to be optimized over time, campaign performance analysis and alterations based on data insights are also essential. These fundamental guidelines for an effective email marketing campaign can be used in a variety of sectors and message formats.

Does Email Marketing Work?

Email marketing is still, in general, one of the most successful marketing techniques. There are several causes behind that. Email marketing is a low-cost strategy for connecting with customers, and when sending promotional emails, it offers a far more intimate encounter.

Hard data doesn’t lie. Over 347.3 billion emails will be sent and received every day worldwide, according to The Loop Marketing. Over 4.6 billion email users can be reached by marketers worldwide.

According to most business experts, consumers will spend more money in reaction to a personalized email marketing campaign, as we hinted at earlier when discussing personalization. More than one-third of all marketers send emails once a week, and more than one-quarter send emails multiple times per month to their customer lists. Additionally, 22% of all campaigns will be opened and users will interact with links and content within the first hour of sending. The importance of subject lines should be recognized. Though we will soon create a blog article on the art of subject lines in adult entertainment email marketing, it is critical to conceptualize material that can get past spam filters and prompt the email recipient to respond or participate.

The Use of Email in Adult Entertainment

Email marketing isn’t just for “mainstream” and “vanilla” businesses. Adult content, including porn sites and streaming services, can profit greatly from email marketing. Even though there are issues with most email marketing systems, adult content marketers have produced millions of dollars in income for their clients by creating email content and promo text that is efficient, detailed, and reliable.

Email marketing can be useful for models, independent adult creators, producers, studios, fan site owners, e-commerce professionals, and more. However, as we continue with this blog post, we must consider a number of unforeseen circumstances. In the parts that follow, please allow us to further explain this.

Policies for Acceptable Use and Sexual Content

Email service providers (ESPs) are companies that offer email marketing platforms. Marketers can use dashboards, design tools, data and analytics, and campaign management tools from services like Mailchimp or Constant Contact, two of the most well-liked ESP systems in the mainstream market. AUPs, or acceptable usage policies, do apply to ESPs. A collection of guidelines governing the ESP user’s generally acceptable conduct is what is meant by an acceptable usage policy. AUPs are essentially the same as the terms and conditions that apply to all types of websites. AUPs are essential in email marketing, particularly in the US, where major ESPs like Mailchimp forbid sexual content because of possible legal liability and other hazards.

A user will see “prohibited content” after reading Mailchimp’s acceptable usage policy. The term “prohibited content” is used by Mailchimp’s corporate parent, Intuit, to describe “illegal goods and services” (such as escorting in places where it is illegal or illicit content, such as child sex abuse material), “pornography/sexually explicit content” (including legal and consensual porn), violations of intellectual property rights, and “emails that violate the CAN-SPAM act or other anti-spam laws.” The AUP for this business is unambiguous and prohibits using its ESP platform for activities that involve using legitimate adult content. Finding a marketing platform that accepts sexual and lewd content in their AUP and actively promotes itself to marketers in the adult entertainment business is vital with such a policy. Adult content is permitted on several platforms. These are still tiny fish in a sea of enormous sea monsters, like Intuit’s Mailchimp platform, which set worldwide standards for best practices for email marketers and drive market trends.

ESP’s That Accept Adult Content

There are email service companies that accept pornographic content. Like we indicated, there are a number. Due to different permissible use restrictions, however, these kinds of ESPs are rather uncommon in comparison to the dozens of mainstream options that offer pornographic content. Fortunately, some of the adult-friendly choices are offered by reputable companies that are well-known to marketing professionals in both the adult and mainstream industries.

A list of ESPs that welcome adult content is shown below.


The owner and operator of the specialized email marketing platform YNOT Mail is YNOT Group, the Texas-based publisher of the adult industry B2B news outlets and YNOT Cam. YNOT Mail is an ESP that specializes in deliverable email campaigns for producers, models, and providers of sexual material. Prices for plans on the platform start at $25 per month and are scalable. Users of YNOT Mail can create, see, and distribute newsletters and advertising emails to email lists. Additionally, they offer statistics dashboards, an audience segmentation tool built into the platform, and more. YNOT Mail has proven to be a useful weapon in Adult Business Consulting’s marketing arsenal.

Click here to visit YNOT Mail.


An ESP called Postr offers services and products to businesses across numerous industries. Postr, on the other hand, made this list because it takes great delight in working with businesses in high-risk sectors. These sectors include porn, legal cannabis, internet gambling, and mobile sportsbooks. The company Postr describes itself as “the most permissive email marketing platform available” and claims to consistently uphold that claim. From a free option to full-featured enterprise services for email lists with more than 450,000 addresses, Postr offers scalable plans, in-platform design tools, audience segmentation, analytics dashboards, and a number of other capabilities that are comparable to those offered by the top mainstream ESPs like Intuit Mailchimp or Hubspot for Email are available on Postr, just like they are on YNOT Mail.

Visit Postr by clicking this link.


Built on Amazon Web Services (AWS), Sendy is a lightweight email marketing and ESP client. Our team at Adult Business Consulting, led by CEO Bruce, uses Sendy for our email campaigns to inform our over 9000 plus person global email list about company news. For anyone who wish to send emails at a fraction of the cost of even the platforms we discussed here, Sendy is a fantastic option. Sendy charges a reasonable one-time cost for a license to utilize their platform. The minimal monthly fee to use AWS is the only additional expense you’ll have. For email marketers who are familiar with AWS and appreciate the advantages of connecting services like SendGrid, Mailjet, and Elastic Email, this is a fantastic alternative. Sendy offers an integrated email editor, data segmentation tools, and a very simple analytics dashboard. One of Sendy’s few drawbacks is that it can be intimidating for email marketing rookies, particularly for marketers in the adult business attempting to avoid blacklisting and get past spam filters.

Click here to check out Sendy.


Moonmail is the final choice on this list. Another lightweight ESP that utilizes AWS is Moonmail. Like all the ESPs mentioned here, Moonmail supports pornographic content and is less expensive than popular ESPs like Constant Contact. While this ESP functions similarly to Sendy, it has a simpler user interface and more accessible choices for tracking campaign performance. Moonmail has a starting monthly price of $21 and an open-source user option.

Visit Moonmail by clicking this link.

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