Best Blogging Platforms For Creating Adult Sites

The foundation of Adult Business Consulting is a technology known as a content management system. A software-as-a-service platform for creating, managing, and editing content on a website without the requirement for highly specialized technical skills is also referred to as a CMS.

All the well-known adult and porn websites that so many people love across the world are built on top of a CMS, as are nearly all other websites on the internet. Millions of websites use one of these CMS platforms, which are among the top blogging platforms available online. For instance, WordPress is used in the development of Adult Business Consulting. We at Adult Business Consulting are pleased to introduce the top blogging CMS platforms for adult websites in this blog post.

What Is a CMS and What Do You Do with It?

As we previously stated, CMS stands for content management system. Simply said, a content management system (CMS) is a useful tool that enables the creation of a top-notch website without the need for extensive technical expertise or the creation of all the code from start. Years ago, the platform format for content management systems was created. The very first webpage, located at, can be used to trace the development of content management systems. On August 6, 1991, the first webpage was published under the direction of a group of nuclear scientists and a man named Tim Berners-Lee.

Current CMS Platforms

The early intranet history is intimately linked to the history of content management systems. Early content management systems came in a variety of forms, including FileNet, StoryBuilder, Vignette, Documentum, and many others. These platforms were closed source and exclusive.

Nowadays, almost all the most popular content management systems on the internet are free to use or can be accessed through hosted services. One such open-source platform is WordPress. WordPress is open source, yet businesses like Automattic have created $7.5 billion in value and several hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue from

Best Content Management Systems You Can Use for Porn Sites

Online content management systems have a long history. 

All the content management systems on this list do support adult content, according to our study. Therefore, deciding which platform is suitable for your adult content creation business or whether you want to construct a network of sites at a low cost and scale is entirely up to you and your technical expertise (or lack thereof). Additionally, get in touch with us if you need any help putting together your website.

Hosted Mainstream CMS Systems and Adult Content

We want to take a moment to talk about the case of hosted content management systems and adult content before moving on. Hosted CMS solutions aren’t always the ideal options for adult content and porn, as we’ve explained throughout this blog post. Webmasters looking for the finest solutions for hosting their material should be aware that adult entertainment is generally a high-risk industry. Companies that must account to financial partners, including big banks and their shareholders, handle hosted content management systems. Additionally, because these web hosting companies work with online businesses and user data collection, they might be subject to additional rules and regulations. These rules include the California Consumer Privacy Act safeguards for websites that receive a lot of traffic from that US state or the GDPR obligations for all websites controlled from the European Union.


WordPress is an open-source, cost-free content management system. It is regarded as the most well-liked and straightforward content management system utilized by top-level web directories. PhoenixNAP, WPEngine, and other hosted WordPress options are just a few of the web hosts and virtual cloud service providers that offer WordPress. Possibly the most well-known WordPress hosting provider is’s content guidelines accept the hosting of mature and adult content on its servers. permits “text, images, and videos that contain nudity, offensive language, and mature subject material.” But there are restrictions. Pornographic websites and links back to porn affiliate schemes are not permitted on Thankfully, WordPress’ open-source edition doesn’t have these limitations. The open-sourced WordPress kernel is used by ViceTemple, a web hosting company for the adult sector, to create adult and pornographic websites.


Automattic created the open-source WooCommerce e-commerce management plugin for WordPress. The parent firm of and its exclusive hosting alternatives for the content management system is Automattic, as was already mentioned. WooCommerce is a very adaptable e-commerce solution for business owners who want to dropship and sell sexual novelty items, lingerie, sex toys, and other products for enjoyment. WooCommerce can be included in almost every WordPress website that exists today. For WooCommerce, there are various software add-ons and connections. These include dropshipping integrations and product APIs for some of the most well-known sellers of adult novelty goods and sex toys on the market. Sex Toy Distributing, EDC Wholesale, and the Eldorado Trading Company are a few of these businesses.


Another open-source content management system is Joomla. Like the open versions of WordPress, it is free to use. Adult content and pornography are permitted on Joomla websites that adhere to the open source license’s guidelines for permissible use. However, there are several hosted Joomla versions, including SiteGround and Techjoomla, that have very strong rules regarding adult content and pornography. As we already mentioned, this is standard for hosted platforms. However, it shouldn’t cause terror in some people. Adult content, such as pornographic material, tube sites, pay websites, and clip stores, will be supported by open-source Joomla and other less restrictive web hosting solutions.


Another open-source content management system that is free to use is Drupal. What you can publish on a website built with open-sourced Drupal is not subject to any limitations. A number of websites use Drupal as their primary content management system. However, with hosted Drupal services, the restrictions on adult content and pornography still apply. Popular hosting companies for Drupal CMS include Pantheon, Acquia, A2 Hosting, and Hostinger. Reviewing these businesses reveals that the majority have extremely tight restrictions on the dissemination of pornographic material and adult content. But, Drupal open source is still a good choice. It is well known throughout the world that Drupal is the most secure content management system.


Another open-source and cost-free content management system is Magento. Magento open source can be used for most adult websites, as is the case with all of the open-source CMS platforms featured below. Pornography and adult content are still prohibited from being published using hosted Magento content management systems. Like their Drupal equivalents, Magento websites are recognized for the built-in security protocols of the CMS. To concentrate on the expanding demands and e-commerce market segment, Adobe recently acquired the Magento framework and its founder business. The product is now branded as Adobe Commerce. Sex toys and other adult novelty items can be sold and dropshipped using Magento.


A unique content management system and e-commerce ecosystem is called Shopify. Shopify includes various options to assist the sale of adult products, fetish toys, and other kinds of sexual health products, even though it isn’t the best content management system for adult material. Additionally, Shopify provides integrations with dropshipping businesses that offer customers sex accessories, lubricants, and sexual wellness products. Numerous services and add-ons can be incorporated into the design of the e-commerce platform. Complete creative control, blogging capabilities, social media service integrations, email marketing integrations, and other services are also included on sites created using this platform.

Adult Content Management Systems

Website builders and adult content management systems are accessible. In the past, we discussed alternates to OnlyFans and adult web hosting services in several blog pieces. ViceTemple was considered in this analysis as well as in a blog article that discussed the different choices available to adult creators and business owners who want to create their own pay websites or clip stores. Additionally, creates and markets ready-to-use adult websites, including scripts for adult e-commerce sites, adult blogs, membership sites, cam sites, tube sites, and other technical scripts.


ModelCentro expands on the idea of premium porn by enabling actors and content producers to run their own for-profit subscription websites. In essence, ModelCentro is a content management system created specifically for models to manage their content independently of social network constraints. Additionally, there are resources for photographers, talent agencies, and studios.

At Adult Business Consulting, we hope you have enjoyed reading this article. If you have any questions, please get in touch with us.

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